PRIVILEGE GL  -  Privilege Gold Loan is a special scheme that offers doorstep gold loan facility. Customers can call to our toll free number, and we reach your home at convenient times, check the weight of gold and provide money securely.

SARKAR GL- Sarkar Gold loan is  a fast and hassle free loan facility provided to government  employees.  They can choose from various loan schemes ,amount can be upto 20 lak rupees.

MATSYA GL- Matsya Gold Loan is a scheme that aims at giving gold loans to fishermen at very less interest rate. The facility to pay back the loan amount in small installments is also available.

SCHOOL GL- School Gold Loan is provided to students to meet their educational requirements like School/Exam fees, books, Educational gadgets,etc. Students are also given some special privileges too.

AGRI GL- Agri Gold Loan aims to provide financial assistance to farmers for their agriculture and allied activities at a very low interest rate and other benefits.

SENIOR GL- Senior Gold Loan scheme is to give gold loans to senior citizens to fulfill various needs of them with a comfortable repayment facility.

SMALL GL- Small Gold Loan is intended to meet the small but important requirements of our customers. It is provided very quickly and with less documentation.

STHREE SHAKTI GL- Sthree Shakti Gold Loan is formulated to provide financial assistance to women and thereby helping them to be self reliant and sustainable.

VYAPAR GL- Vyapar Gold Loan is given to small scale businessmen to meet their business needs. The loan could be from  Rs.10000 to  Rs.20 Lakh.



SCHOOL RD-  It is a Recurring Deposit scheme that aims to introduce banking services to children and to grow saving habits in them from a very young age itself. It helps them to grow their own saving fund to meet their educational and other needs.

TRAVEL RD- Travel RD  is a scheme that helps to grow a constant saving for fulfilling dream journeys. A minimum of Rs. 1000 to maximum Rs.10000 can be deposited in a month.

FESTIVAL RD- Festival RD is intended to be helpful in meeting the special needs of a person or a business during festival times.  A minimum of Rs.2000 to maximum Rs.100000 can be deposited in a month.



WOMEN SAVER- Women Saver Savings Bank Account is a safe and secure saving account scheme for women with added benefits like permanent emergency fund for household needs.

SENIOR SAVER- Senior Saver Savings Bank Account is formulated to ensure easy and safe savings account facility to senior citizens . It also provides a permanent emergency fund.

JUNIOR SAVER-  Junior Saver Banking Account aims at providing a safe medium to encourage saving habits in kids, in a homely atmosphere. This can be utilised for their educational purposes too.



DHANA RASHI-  Dhana Rashi is a Big Saver Deposit scheme  that helps to accumulate a saving  for future needs with higher returns.

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