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about nidhi ltd

Mulamoottil  family’s financial busines started in the early 1800s as a traditional money lending business in the ancestral house. The business grew into a chit fund business over the generations and was formalised as an NBFC in 1993 under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India. The initial foray into organised financial services was by way of Mulamoottil Leasing & Hire Purchase Ltd that used to provide vehicle loans. In 2014, the firm was renamed as Mulamoottil Financiers Ltd and emerged as a Gold Loan Company.

In 2015, Mulamoottil Nidhi Ltd was established to fulfil the government mandate to encourage the habit of savings in the rural areas. As a Nidhi company, MNL’s focus is on encouraging the habit of savings via Savings Accounts, Recurring Deposits and Fixed Deposits. MNL is approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India and is supervised the Registrar of Companies.

Mulamoottil Nidhi Ltd is the preferred partner and financial lifeline for the farming/fishing/coastal/SME communities as we provide financial services like Gold Loans, attractive RD products and a host of other financial and semi-banking services in some of the most remote villages of Central Travancore region of Kerala.

Mulamoottil Nidhi Ltd has pioneered several digital offerings and attractive financial products to deliver new and outstanding financial services to all the “unbanked” rural populations of Kerala.


Our Vision

At Mulamoottil, we are clear about what we envision. We are convinced that a strategic vision is more about what we choose “not to do” rather than what we choose to do. From that realization, we have crafted a path forward:


  • We will be the preferred financial service provider for rural Kerala
  • We will be the number one Nidhi in Central Travancore by 2025


 Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we recognized that our efforts must be guided by a higher purpose that answers the quintessential question: How do we make a positive impact in society? To empower that vision, we have resolved that:


  • We will be present in every panchayat of Central Travancore by 2025
  • We will provide easy access to cost-effective financial products to every entrepreneur and every family in the villages
  • We will be an active participant in enhancing the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) in rural Kerala


Our Foundational Principles

Veritas  Honos Fortitudo


We will stand for the Truth (Veritas)

We will work with Honor (Honos)

We pray for the Courage (Fortitudo) to be Truthful and Honourable

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